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16 09, 2021

Adding Value with a Fire Pit


When you delve into backyard landscaping, your options are practically endless. From various lighting and décor options to seating arrangements, water features, plants, flowers and trees, paths and walkways, custom hedges…the list goes on. Nevertheless, one option is highly recommended, being one of the most popular additions in terms of backyard landscaping ideas – a Fire Pit. A Fire Pit is not only aesthetically pleasing, it creates the perfect opportunity for friends and family to come together and enjoy some quality time. A fire pit can be used for various functions, [...]

Adding Value with a Fire Pit2021-09-16T14:41:19+02:00
18 08, 2021

Innovative Backyard Landscaping Ideas


Whether you have just become a proud home owner, got the keys to the apartment that you are renting or just feel like a change of scenery, the go-to has always usually been: interior design. Let’s face it, the options for interior design are endless – from art, furniture and curtains to flooring, walls and lighting. Never mind new linen or bedding, plants and collectibles. If you truly put your mind, time, effort and finances into it, you can come up with a breathtaking design that will absolutely make you fall [...]

Innovative Backyard Landscaping Ideas2021-08-18T10:29:10+02:00
4 08, 2021

The benefits of being outdoors


Have you ever tried describing a beautiful sunset to someone? Unfortunately, you most probably didn’t do it much justice. Explaining how the hues of red and blended oranges dip below the horizon isn’t an easy task. Even if you are a magician with words, you will still fall short of describing one of nature’s most beautiful paintings – nothing comes close to experiencing the beauty of a sunset for yourself. Some things, like the mesmerizing sunset mentioned above, are simply too stunning to recite. I think anyone claiming to be a [...]

The benefits of being outdoors2021-08-04T09:30:30+02:00
21 07, 2021

Pet safety & fire pits


If you have a fire pit in your backyard, you are more than likely to spend lots of time enjoying yourself outdoors. We understand that having a fire pit adds a fun, decorative and enjoyable aspect to your yard. However, it comes with potential hazards and dangers to be aware of as well. Today we would like to bring pet safety around the fire pit to your attention. For obvious reasons, you would never leave small children to roam around a lit fire pit unattended - remember that the same amount [...]

Pet safety & fire pits2021-07-21T10:33:52+02:00
7 07, 2021

Decadent, winter-worthy hot chocolate


Nothing satisfies quite like an evening next to the fire pit, nestled beneath your favourite blankets, while sipping on a cup of mouth-watering hot chocolate and enjoying some good company. Sure, store bought hot chocolate would most likely do the trick, however, we promise you that the quality and taste of this homemade hot chocolate recipe goes above and beyond all expectations! In today’s blog we are going to share our favourite homemade hot chocolate recipe with you. This recipe is not only rich and creamy, but it literally tastes like [...]

Decadent, winter-worthy hot chocolate2021-07-07T11:00:49+02:00
23 06, 2021

Creating an outdoor movie theatre in your backyard


Ever since the unfortunate event of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been needing to become more creative with our weekend activities. Simple trips to the movie theatre weren’t possible anymore, and we had to keep ourselves busy with what we had in our own home and backyards instead. That lead us to think… can we create our own outdoor movie theatre? The delightful answer is yes! With minimal supplies and a simple, straightforward setup, anyone can have the perfect movie night with their family in the comfort of their own backyard. [...]

Creating an outdoor movie theatre in your backyard2021-06-23T09:19:19+02:00
9 06, 2021

Are fire pits eco friendly?


As South Africans, we love spending time in our backyards next to our braais and fire pits. For some, a campfire is a profoundly human experience shared across cultures and generations. For others, it is merely the culmination of a great day spent outdoors. Fire pits are a rare source of entertainment that pulls friends and families together like few other activities. People are spending much less time outdoors than they used to. Therefore, it is more important than ever to have meaningful experiences outdoors every once in a while. One [...]

Are fire pits eco friendly?2021-06-09T15:55:17+02:00
26 05, 2021

How to treat a minor burn injury


Statistically, burns are one of the most common household injuries. If you own a fire pit, there is a genuine possibility that you or one of your family members may unfortunately end up being a burn victim by accident. Luckily you can rest assured because not all burns require a hospital visit. You can treat most first- and second degree burns at home, with the right methods. It is essential to understand that injuries are categorized according to severity. The least severe is considered a first-degree burn and only affects the [...]

How to treat a minor burn injury2021-05-27T08:00:13+02:00
12 05, 2021

Tips for starting a fire without firelighters


If you have a fire pit in your backyard, you have likely been caught off guard with last-minute plans to spend the evening next to the fire, just to realize that you have run out of firelighters; leaving you to rely on your caveman instincts to get the fire going. This is undeniably a very time consuming and frustrating experience. The question stands: How do you light a fire when life throws you a curveball? Here are a few practical ways to get your fire going quickly and efficiently when you’ve [...]

Tips for starting a fire without firelighters2021-05-12T09:05:05+02:00
28 04, 2021

Grass alternatives around the fire pit


South African's love their backyards, but let's face it; no one really has the time to create a perfectly manicured garden. It's not exactly our idea of fun to spend valued off-time weeding, watering, fertilizing or cutting the grass. Therefore, we have decided to share some top landscaping ideas with you in today's blog. As great as it is having a backyard of luscious grass, you can always make a small exception for a decorative project – putting your own personalised feel to the area around your fire pit and doing [...]

Grass alternatives around the fire pit2021-04-28T15:52:47+02:00

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