When you delve into backyard landscaping, your options are practically endless. From various lighting and décor options to seating arrangements, water features, plants, flowers and trees, paths and walkways, custom hedges…the list goes on. Nevertheless, one option is highly recommended, being one of the most popular additions in terms of backyard landscaping ideas – a Fire Pit.

A Fire Pit is not only aesthetically pleasing, it creates the perfect opportunity for friends and family to come together and enjoy some quality time. A fire pit can be used for various functions, whether you cook up a mean potjie, roast a few marshmallows, enjoy the warmth of the frolicking flames on a cold night or use the fire pit as a focal point to gather around and delve in a conversation or 3 – it is definitely a winner.

Thoughtful landscaping design does not just add to the aesthetic element, ambiance and enjoyment of your personal space, it also surprisingly adds value – ultimately ensuring that your money and effort turns into a long-term investment. Still not sold? Let’s have a look at how a fire pit can add value to your property:


When people are in the market to purchase a new property, there are various aspects they look at. One of these aspects include how attractive and alluring the property comes across as. Beautiful architecture is one of the top selling points and motivations behind a purchase, with exquisite and thoughtful landscaping adding to the enjoyment factor. A fire pit is an extremely appealing factor, with various designs and options to choose from to fit your vision for your backyard. Acting as an attractive focal point, it is a diverse addition with various functions that has the ability to increase the appeal of a property.


Most backyards consist of a lawn, some trees and shrubs, maybe a flowerbed or two at most. Diversity attracts interest and interest adds value. An addition such as a fire pit gives way to various landscaping opportunities and possibilities. From a conversation pit and various seating options, to fire pit décor, lighting options around and leading up to your pit, as well as multiple pathways, plants and greenery to compliment your space, multiple lawn options and so much more. Choosing where to place your fire pit and what to surround it with can be highly advantageous as it can be the final element perfecting your landscaping vision.


After spending a decent amount of time, effort, money and creativity revamping your backyard, make sure to compare your new space to the original. Needless to say, you might just be shocked with the transformation. Cultivating, landscaping and upgrading your backyard might not just be for your own pleasure and enjoyment but definitely an investment in the worth of your property if you decide to sell one day. Definitely something we would call a win-win situation. You are not only transforming your backyard, you are also creating an additional living space, an area where you can spend time relaxing or spend quality time with your loved ones or friends.


When it comes to the value of your property… it is all about the appeal. What incentivizes someone to buy your property instead of the one next door? What stands out? What do you offer that they do not? Having an outdoor space that has been carefully cultivated and cared for as much as you would care for the inside of your home, automatically adds a ton of appeal to your property. A lot of people enjoy spending time outdoors and being able to do so and enjoy the tranquility and convenience of your own backyard is a big motivation for purchase.