Have you ever tried describing a beautiful sunset to someone? Unfortunately, you most probably didn’t do it much justice. Explaining how the hues of red and blended oranges dip below the horizon isn’t an easy task. Even if you are a magician with words, you will still fall short of describing one of nature’s most beautiful paintings – nothing comes close to experiencing the beauty of a sunset for yourself.

Some things, like the mesmerizing sunset mentioned above, are simply too stunning to recite. I think anyone claiming to be a nature enthusiast will agree with me when I say that there is nothing more frustrating than describing an extraordinary experience captured in nature to someone who is stuck between four walls all day.

No matter how difficult it is to describe the beauty of nature, we firmly believe that time spent outdoors is enough to take anyone’s breath away. Nature doesn’t only have marvelous things to look at; it is also scientifically proven that spending time outdoors is beneficial for various reasons –


It has been proven time and time again that just spending even half an hour outside every day can reduce your chances of suffering from depression with up to 50%. Being surrounded by a green, rural environment improves your well-being and recharges your batteries.

Boosts creativity: 

Spending time outdoors doesn’t have to be for leisure purposes only; you can even take your work outdoors. This comes in handy when you are trying to solve a difficult problem and might also help you to come up with a bright, work-related idea.

Mid-week feeling:

It might not be possible for every one of us to head off to the beach on a Wednesday afternoon, but anyone can have a quick mid-week braai in their backyard. Spending some time outside will give you the extra kick you need to see the rest of the week through.

Amazing experiences:

You don’t have to go far to spot some fascinating wildlife – you can even see the occasional squirrel in your backyard. Sunsets can also be viewed from the comfort of your own backyard. Outdoor adventures are also the perfect catalyst for making lasting memories with friends and family. There are so many things that you will miss out on if you are stuck indoors most of the time.

I know what you are thinking; How on earth are you supposed to take time out of your busy schedule to head to the great outdoors? And our answer to that is; you don’t have too! You don’t have to go camping in the middle of nowhere every weekend to get in touch with nature; you can simply head to your backyard. No, that’s not boring – Not if you have one of our customizable fire pits in your yard. Fire pits will provide you with endless entertainment.

If you have a fire pit in the backyard, you will probably end up spending more time outdoors, than inside. You can also invite your friends and family for some fun time next to the fire and end up convincing them that nature is their friend, not their foe as they might think.