Whether you have just become a proud home owner, got the keys to the apartment that you are renting or just feel like a change of scenery, the go-to has always usually been: interior design. Let’s face it, the options for interior design are endless – from art, furniture and curtains to flooring, walls and lighting.

Never mind new linen or bedding, plants and collectibles. If you truly put your mind, time, effort and finances into it, you can come up with a breathtaking design that will absolutely make you fall in love with your personal space. The question is, why just limit it to the indoors?

Exterior design and landscaping are not only great ways to increase your property value but also excellent ways to motivate you to spend more time outdoors and appreciate nature and its delights. There are several options and features up for consideration, therefore it requires careful planning to make your final landscaping decisions.

Below, we discuss a few backyard landscaping ideas, hopefully giving you a bit of direction and motivation as to your dream vision for your backyard.

Fire Features:

Gone are the days of having to rely on an old school campfire or barbeque to provide a source of heat and comfort. Modern times have provided for the necessary inventions to sit outside with your family and guests around an open fire that adds to the aesthetic of your patio or garden and, hopefully, doesn’t burn your entire backyard down. The solution? A fire pit.

Whether you are roasting some marshmallows, enjoying the heat of the fire on a chilly evening or just sitting back and relaxing around the flames with family and friends, it is a great addition as an exterior feature. With several varieties and designs to choose from, you can truly customize it to fit your vision.

Water features:

A water feature is not only truly iconic but also something that looks stunning and adds worth to any environment. From natural rock pools and fountains to a pool or a jacuzzi, there are various options to choose from depending on your desired end result. A fountain acts as a beautiful centerpiece or vocal point, giving off an aura of calmness.

A natural rock pool surrounded by native plants and greenery perfectly blends with nature, giving the illusion of having been created by the elements. A modern swimming pool or jacuzzi acts as a big investment in your property, providing a great source of fun, entertainment and relaxation.

Seating features:


Sometimes you feel like spending some time outdoors, however, your only choices amount to chilling with some ants on the grass or getting a bruise from plopping down on a hard patio. Thus, we recommend adding a comfy seating area – for various uses.

From a built-in conversation pit with pillows, to a few comfortable armchairs, lounge chairs or even, depending on your budget, day beds. (Just make sure to somehow be able to either move or cover your seating choices in the case of bad weather).

Lighting features:

Dress up your backyard with some clever and creative options, including:

Path lights – soft lighting implement around various paths and walkways in your backyard, around features such as fountains or around flower beds.

Lanterns – soft, low-voltage accent lighting adding to architectural design, with the option of standing on a chosen surface, mounted in a specific place on a wall or hanging from a dedicated space.

String lights – soft and ambient lighting focused on creating a warm and intimate atmosphere, carefully hanging from your ceiling, draped in surrounding trees or wrapped around posts and beams.