Firepit Log Racks

Standard Finish is Black Fire coating.
Custom options:
Finishes – Raw Steel, Rusting Patina or Stainless Steel

Mounting – Wall Mount or No Wall Mount

Feel free to contact us should you want additional shelving or alternate dimensions.

Rectangle Log Rack

1810(h) x370(w) x 290(d)

Oblong Log Rack

1220(h) x 668(w) x 295(d)

Triangle Log Rack

1884(h) x 372(w) x 295(d)

Hexagon Log Rack

1263mm(h) x 1273(w) x 275(d)

Additional hexagons can be added

Circle Log Rack

Ø1500 x 274(d)

Multi-Circle Log Rack

1420(h) x720(w) x 270(d)

Rectangle Log Rack – With Shelf

1810(h) x370(w) x 290(d)

Log Carrier