South African’s love their backyards, but let’s face it; no one really has the time to create a perfectly manicured garden. It’s not exactly our idea of fun to spend valued off-time weeding, watering, fertilizing or cutting the grass. Therefore, we have decided to share some top landscaping ideas with you in today’s blog. As great as it is having a backyard of luscious grass, you can always make a small exception for a decorative project – putting your own personalised feel to the area around your fire pit and doing something a little bit different.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to change up the look of your backyard with these no-mow ideas around your firepit that are guaranteed to bring a modern twist to your yard.

Go for gravel:

If you have been neglecting your backyard for some time and you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to tend to it any time soon, then gravel is the perfect option for you. These tiny stones are incredibly modern, and when implemented correctly, adds a modern and stylish approach. Not to mention the safety aspect of having gravel stones around your fire pit!

Mulch it up:

If you are opting for a more rustic look, then cedar or pine chips are the perfect ground layer. Remember to lay a ground cover on the soil to prevent weeds from growing through your mulch layer. Be sure to keep a close eye on any stray wood sparks when you’re making a fire in your outdoor fire pit, as these are one of the more dangerous elements to have close by.

Fake it:

Artificial grass is the perfect solution for those of you who’ve been dreaming of having the perfect lawn area but are sick and tired of unwanted weeds and dry grass. Fake grass is stain resistant and has an excellent draining function. We love artificial grass because it always stays beautifully green and luscious.


Rock it out:

Creating a rock garden with a combination of stones and flowers is a quick and easy way to achieve a mix of colours and textures. If you want to create a one-of-a-kind backyard feature, the rugged simplicity of the rocks will perfectly contrast vibrant flowers. Another upside of this grass alternative is that you will still have beautiful boulders scattered throughout your garden when the flowers fade during winter.