What is the best diameter fire pit?

The diameter completely depends on a) the available space and then b) the number of people you would generally have sitting around it.

What is the purpose of drainage/airflow hole in my fire pit?

The 2.5cm hole allows for additional airflow to assist with combustion, reduces smoke, as well as prevents rainwater build-up in the dish which will cause rusting of the steel.

How do I prevent my steel fire pit from rusting?

Oiling after each braai inside and underside, focusing on the area where the hot coals sit.  Thereafter it is dependent on the weather.  Steel rusts when moisture touches it. The better-quality oil you use, the longer it will last and make maintenance easier.

Do I need to oil my black fire coated fire pit?

You only need to oil the area, inside & underside, where the hots coals burn, preferably after each braai.  It is also recommended to also oil on the parts where welding has been done. this need not be done daily, only when it is clear that the oil has worn off and is the rainy season.

What should I do if the black fire coating gets burnt off or scratched?

You can purchase a can of our Black Fire Coating Spray Paint that is the very same paint we use on our products.

Do I need to oil my rusting patina fire pit?

Yes. Once your fire pit has the patina shade you like and if you wanted to retain a life-long fire pit, then oiling after each braai and during the rainy season is recommended.

What is the turnaround time for manufacture & delivery of my fire pit?

Orders go in on a Wednesday and are dispatched the 2nd Monday following. ETA to destination is 2 – 4 days, depending on location in South Africa.

Why would need a lid for my fire pit?

For a number of reasons:

  • Should you opt not to have an airflow drainage hole, the lid will prevent rain water build-up.
  • The lid will also act as safety cover over still hot coals. Dousing your fire pit in water is not good for the steel and can cause warping.
  • When not in use the lid turns your fire pit into a stunning table.

Is there a guarantee on my fire pit?

The Fire Pit Company does not offer a guarantee or warrantee per se, but given that our dishes are 4mm mild-steel and we use Q235 Mild Steel and 314 Stainless Steel, it’s fair to say we build some of the toughest firepits around.


Structurally our dishes and stands will last multiple lifetimes, it is literally unbreakable, and willl definitely not “break”. Should you be using your fire pit for massive bonfires, we cannot guarantee the outcome of this. Maintenance is required e.g. oiling of the fire pit, as all steel will rust when exposed to moisture.

From a paint perspective you will have to periodically retouch the paint, depending on usage and proximity to the ocean. But that goes for any type of metal that stands outside and is used as a firepit.