The Ultimate Camping Companion: Portable Fire Pits in South Africa

It’s almost holiday again in South Africa! The birds are chirping, the sun is still shining bright; it’s the perfect camping weather!
But let’s face it, no camping trip is complete without a fire pit. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or completely new to the outdoor scene, a portable fire pit is a must-have on your next camping adventure. Think a braaibroodjie on the coals, sundowners with friends, roasted marshmallows and late-night campsite stories…

At The Fire Pit Company, we offer a wide variety of portable fire pits that are built to last and are perfect for the South African weather.

Portability: The key to a stress-free camping trip

Traditional fire pits can be heavy, bulky, and difficult to transport, especially if you’re camping in a remote location in South Africa. But with a well-equipped, custom-built portable fire pit, you can easily pack it up and take it with you wherever you go. They’re lighter in weight, compact, and can be set up in minutes. Plus, your portable fire pit comes with handles that make it easy to carry it to and from your campsite.

We can recommend IMVUBU in  900mm diameter with two side-handles that is easy to transport and can warm up a space for up to five people to lean in for some heat and fire-side gees.

Cook up a storm: Grilling on your portable Fire Pit

The benefits of portable fire pits are endless! They are versatile and can be used for so much more than just a source of heat and light. Portable fire pits can be fitted with braai grids, grilling grates, and a potjiekos stand, allowing you to cook meals over the licking open flames. Pack a braai recipe book on your next trip and see how versatile cooking over the coals can be!
We can recommend South Africa’s local braai master Jan Braai‘s mouth-watering over-the-coals recipes to try on your next camping trip.

Accessorize your Fire Pit: Enhance your outdoor experience

You are covered! From fire pit lids that protect your fire pit from the elements and can to double as a table or surface when not in use, to canvas covers to protect it during transport, to coal catchers to be extra safe and to make clean-up a breeze, to maintenance oil to protect it from the harsh elements and to keep your fire pit in top condition. Equip your portable fire pit with these and you will be lighting up for many years to come.
We recommend you browse The Fire Pit Company for all the accessories you will need on your trip.
*Ask about the coal catchers that come as an option to new fire pits, but can also be provided to any existing fire pit. Aside from the standard industrial grade 4mm thick carbon steel, they also come in stainless steel.

Fast and reliable shipping: Get your gear delivered in time for your South African camping trip!

Make your next camping trip one to remember! Get your portable fire pit today and create lasting memories under the South African skies.
With The Fire Pit Company‘s fast and reliable shipping, you can have your gear delivered right to your doorstep in no time. Delivery is available throughout Africa and manufacturing of the custom-built portable fire pits takes no more than 3 weeks.