I think everyone can agree that everything tastes better flame-grilled, especially marshmallows. However, roasting the perfect marshmallow can be tricky. Usually, it bursts into flames – Did you know that there is a scientific reason behind that?

Today we are going to take you on an epic quest to discover the perfectly toasted marshmallow.

Before you dip your mellow-tipped stick into the fire, let’s talk about the science behind it; yes, you read it – toasting the perfect marshmallow has precise scientific reasoning behind it.

We are going to start by explaining the six-step transformation process that a marshmallow undergoes before it becomes a sticky toasted delicacy:

  1. The swelling: When the temperature of a marshmallow spikes, the moisture inside of it expands and causes the candy to swell.
  2. The escape: Tiny holes forms in the marshmallow as a result of the expanding moisture, which effectively helps the forming steam to escape.
  3. The sugar rush: Because the marshmallow is now drained of all moisture, it basically becomes charred sucrose.
  4. Catching fire: Oxygen diffuses the surface of the marshmallow. The carbon from the marshmallow reacts with the oxygen in the air and produces a blue flame.
  5. The oxidation stage: Carbon and oxygen atoms combine to form carbon monoxide.
  6. The final stage: When you remove your marshmallow from the fire, you instinctively blow it out, which means that the oxidation process gets interrupted and soot forms because of incomplete combustion.

However impressive the scientific facts behind roasting a marshmallow might be, I’m sure you’re still wondering how to roast the perfect marshmallow. Here’s how:

Most people stick their marshmallows straight into the scorching hot flames; their impatience ends up ruining their marshmallow! Marshmallows need little more than body temperature to start roasting. Therefore, we advise that you place your marshmallow above the fire. The heat coming from it, known as convective flow, is more than enough to heat your marshmallow. Remember to be careful; your marshmallow can still catch on fire if you are not careful.

Glowing hot embers radiates the perfect heat for a golden, crispy marshmallow crust. Just like a rotisserie chicken, you need to rotate your marshmallow with slow and steady movements continually. Should your marshmallow catch fire, simply remove it from the heat slowly and gently blow it out. Please don’t panic and run around frantically with it! Marshmallows are like lava bombs and have the potential to cause second-degree burns should the flaming marshmallows get stuck to skin

If you want to master the roasting of a perfect marshmallow, you need to be patient. Slow and steady is the way to go. The longer you take to roast your marshmallow, the gooier and more delicious it will be on the inside. Depending on the warmth of your fire, it will take about four to five minutes to roast the perfect marshmallow.