Imagine this. You’ve had an insane week at work. You dealt with multiple demands on your attention, energy, and time. At last, it’s Friday. The weather is chilly as soon as the sun sets. You fetch a blanket, order a warm takeout dinner, and start setting up a crackling fire in your firepit.

Cupping your hands as you light the fire in your patio fire pit is like a peaceful meditation. Watching the flame lick the wood, you exhale the week’s stress, the difficult client calls, the pressure of your to-do list, and breathe deeply. The comforting crackle and warmth settle your busy mind and soothe the tension in your body. At last, peace.

Dinner arrives, the rising steam complementing the fire as you open it up and get your cutlery. The satisfaction of a cosy, custom firepit is soul food, and it goes very well with a glass of Merlot to boot!

Add a friend or two

Are you enjoying the dream? Now, add one or two close friends to make it even better. The fool-proof recipe for a good time is food, fire, and friends. Gathering around food and fire is in our nature, and a firepit is an upgraded version of the idea. The fool-proof recipe for a good time.

Add a tune and a game

Wondering what to do next, since you’re now hopelessly glued to your comfortable seat by the fire? Turn up some chill jazz for more atmosphere. Of course, if anyone in your group can sing and strum a guitar, a little live show and singalong is a must! Nothing like karaoke by the fire, right?

Since no one ever tears themselves away before the coals are dying out, it’s time for a board game or card game. Loser gets to add more wood to the fire!

Add some soul

Fires are little conversation starters. The flames tuck at your heartstrings. With a good fire going and even better friends to share it with, reminisce… About good times, and hard times; contemplate ideas for the future as you stare into the fire. Roast a marshmallow for the ultimate trip down memory lane.

Why not make this wonderful scenario a regular reality? Creating a space around a fire bowl is an irresistible invitation, giving everyone involved something to look forward to on the weekends. A simple bring-and-share takes the pressure off you and the fire’s sizzling sounds fill any silences with a companionable ambience. It may even be an incentive to expand your wine collection!

We offer custom-welded firepits in different shapes and sizes, from Cape Town deep into Africa. We have something for every space and budget. Invest in good times, a beautiful add-on to your property, and a lasting commitment to spending time with the people in your life who matter.

Make memories!