Winter is here and with it comes the bakkie-load of wood you set about ordering for your fireplace. Is your firewood storage just a haphazard corner on your porch, in or behind your garage, or is everything shoved into a couple of stacked crates?

You need better firewood storage if you are still storing your wood in stacked piles next to your house. Otherwise, that braai you’re looking forward to on Friday night will have you running to Checkers for a bag of dry wood because your stash got wet on Thursday. That’s Cape Town weather for you!

Let’s get you (and your wood) covered with some stylish, practical firewood storage and wood rack solutions for winter.

Stylish hanging wood racks and floor wood stands

Yes, you can have both style and functionality. The exposed, au naturel look is trendy, so why not? Depending on your available space and whether you make fire indoors in a braai or a fireplace, or outdoor on the patio, or under the clear sky, you can consider various firewood storage ideas that will not only supply fuel to your fire but that is also pleasing on the eye.

A big steel fireplace log holder for your biggest chunks of wood goes a long way on an even longer winter’s evening when you want to enjoy a glass of wine and a good book. Whether your space is big or small, narrow or wide, modern or rustic, the design options are plentiful.

A firewood storage rack can double as an eye-piece – a striking wall feature. Dress the shelves with your fondest memories for a personal touch and let it hang free.

A simple addition to your firepit with multiple benefits

It’s often the simplest additions to a space or room that makes it so much better, giving your eye a place to land.

If you order a custom firewood storage rack, holder or stand that fits your space, you won’t be getting up every so often to fetch more wood from wherever else you currently keep it.

Fewer interruptions to reminiscing over funny old family stories and legends are another plus.

You can finally reach the point of putting the fire out, instead of just letting it go out because the extra wood is too many steps away.

Customise your favourite firewood storage solution to fit your space

You can have your firewood storage solution made to match the size of your home or braai space. Since The Fire Pit Company’s firewood stands are made to order, customise the size yours to fuel any size fire.

All that’s left now is to choose which firewood storage holder will work best for you and then hit the enquire button below to get in touch for a quote. We look forward to adding more ambience to your winter evenings!