Disclaimer: we are biased! Because we really believe our fire pits are beautiful things. And who doesn’t love a thing of beauty?

What we love even more than watching a fire pit dance with flames with its embers snapping and popping in the steel bowl, is that we get to be an instrument that brings these beautiful fireplaces to life. 

We get to build a partnership with the owners before we send a newbie off to its new home – be it to live poolside, on a patio, a holiday site, or to sit comfortably on a lush lawn in the burbs. 

And it is during Pit’s first fire when our clients usually get snap-happy (who wouldn’t?) and start to share photos of their fire baby in its new home (sometimes rather late-ish on a Saturday night) (we don’t care!) that we really know we bring joy with our fire pits.  

Before the strike of the first match, we e-meet our awaiting clients and make sure their new lifestyle investment will be everything they wish for. And long after we are still dutiful to our creations. 

But we’ll let you decide for yourself how amazing it is to be in a great fire pit company!

All our fire pits are 100% built to order.

  • We welcome custom consignments! 
  • Each and every steel fire pit is built, coated, assembled and packaged by hand.
  • Or simply choose from our range of modern and stylish fire pits that are customisable to your needs: size, finish and optional extras.

Our focus is on quality craftsmanship and material

  • We pride ourselves on quality and not quantity.
  • When we say our fire pits are the pits, you’d better believe they are made of durable, industrial-grade carbon steel, 4mm thick!
  • When you compare prices, understand that not all fire pits are created equally. This is the seal of quality we guarantee our clients.

Expect a professional, hands-on experience

  • The Fire Pit Company is owner-managed and you will always have a dedicated, direct fire pit lifeline.
  • We want you to trust the end product. You can expect a fully supported service from the design phase all the way to the end. 
  • And when you need after-sales service, you will deal with the same person you dealt with at your initial enquiry, during quotation, and at delivery.

Our focus is on quality craftsmanship and material

and strike the first match in 3 short weeks!

1. Contact us directly (the no-frills way) at any of these addresses: 

  • Tel
  • Email
  • QR code

2. Or complete a sales request form on our website. You’ll be commitment free after submitting your request form. The sales order will only be completed after a final offline consultation with Simone. 

3. Or be sneaky and slide into our DMs on Facebook or Instagram.