Project Description


Product Description

The Ingwe’s modern and sleek design offers a stunning fire pit shape as well as a wonderful garden art feature. Its contemporary look is sure to be a wow factor in any outdoor space.


Bowl: 4mm Carbon Steel. Available Options

  • Q235 Carbon Steel – Raw Mill
  • Q235 Carbon Steel – Rusting Patina (Additional Cost)
  • Q235 Carbon Steel – Black Fire Coating (Additional Cost)

Stand: Available Options

  • Carbon Steel – Raw Mill
  • Carbon Steel – Rusting Patina (Additional Cost)
  • Carbon Steel – Black Fire Coating (Additional Cost)
  • Stainless Steel (Additional Cost)

See below for details of the various finishes


  • Diameter Range: 600mm – 2000+mm
  • Height Range: 250mm – 500mm

Choose your Fire Pit Dimensions and Finish


Height Scale

Choice of airflow/drainage 2.5cm hole in your dish.

Why a drainage hole?

The drainage/airflow hole will allow rainwater to run through the dish, avoiding water build-up and rusting.
It will also allow for better combustion and avoid a smokey fire.

Dish Finish Options

Q235 Carbon Steel Raw Mill

Q235 Carbon Steel Rusting Patina (Additional Cost)

Black Fire Coating (Additional Cost)

Stand Finish Options

Carbon Steel Rusting Patina

Carbon Steel Black Fire Coating

Stainless Steel

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Rusting Patina Finish

Rusting Patina is a brown, glossy or sheen film on the surface of the steel dish, produced by oxidation over a period of time, resulting from age or polishing.  We speed up this process using a chemical and not a pint cover.  Should you not wish you dish to rust further you should apply oil to protect the steel from moisture.

Raw Mill Finish

Mill finish refers to the surface texture (or finish) of metal after it exits the drawing process.  The surface is then treated with a polishing process for a smooth, uniform finish. Please note the raw steel colour may vary to images on this site.

Stainless Steel Stand Finish

A stainless-steel stand is a great choice for your fire pit because it is more weather resistant and although substantially more costly. It also overs a very different aesthetic which is a personal choice over a carbon steel dish.

Black Fire Coating Finish

The fire pit is coated with a black fire paint. The paint however will not last indefinitely. This will depend on how many fires you make. Please note to oil the areas where the hot coals sit, inside and outside as well as on welding sites to prevent rusting.

Fire Pits are not suitable for use on a wooden deck without a deck protector. TFPC will not be held liable for any deck damage, with or without a deck protector.

Starting From R5,700

We deliver throughout Africa

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Please Take Care:

Fire pits are open fires and should not be used where the risk of

uncontrolled fires might occur.
Remember to never leave your burning fire unattended.