You don’t have to be a professional party planner to host a fabulous game night next to your fire pit –  that everyone will enjoy. All you need to do is work according to some carefully planned guidelines and find fun ways to keep your guests entertained. Oh! And don’t forget about the food. It is always a winner to have plenty of delicious snacks and drinks for your guests to choose from.

Who to invite:

It’s essential to write down the names of the people you want to invite to your games night. Keep in mind how much room you have. If you have enough space for it, you can set up a bunch of different board games all over the entertainment area. You can even have different stations with a bunch of old classics like Pictionary. Invite family and friends that would appreciate the loud laughter and pretend quarrels that are naturally connected to any sort of games night.

If you have a smaller space, you and your partner can invite one or two other couples, and you will still have a great time playing board games.

When to have the games night:

If you have an outdoor fire pit and some gas heaters, you are spoiled for choice! You will be able to host your games night even in the heart of winter. It would, however, probably be more enjoyable during the summertime.

If you want a larger group, it’s probably best to email, text, call, or even create a Facebook event page a week or two in advance, to allow your guests to plan ahead.

Game night food:

Game nights are typically very casual events. For food, consider having a buffet – but stay away from braaing, because then your board games are likely going to be pushed to the side to make room for the chop and dop. Sometimes all you need is an assortment of appetisers; it’s much easier to handle while you’re playing games.

Set the mood:

Game nights, as we mentioned before, are casual; so you don’t need to go all out with elaborate decorations.

Music is the perfect mood-setter. Include your guests by asking them to send you some song requests a couple of days in advance. There is nothing wrong with having an eclectic mixture of different genres.

Have fun:

We want to conclude today’s blog by reminding you, that even though you are hosting the party, you don’t have to abstain from all the fun. You and your guests will enjoy themselves much more if you play some games and enjoy the food along with everyone else. Everyone needs to have a fun time during games night – even the host!