Storing your firewood might seem easy enough to do, but how and where you stack your firewood is more important than you think. If you don’t pile your firewood correctly, it could lead to mould, fungus and plainly – wood that doesn’t burn well at all. While the possibility of mouldy timber will always be there, there are simple ways to prevent your wood from being mould free.

In today’s blog, we share some simple tips with you on how to keep your fire wood as dry, clean and safe as possible. So before you start stacking your firewood, check out these tips on how to take care of your wood properly;

Stack your firewood properly:

If you just pile your firewood haphazardly, there will be no proper air circulation. Without proper circulation, your wood won’t dry properly, and we all know how frustrating it is to start a fire with wet firewood. Insects and infestations are also more prone to break out in between poorly stacked wood.

You can prevent premature decay, mould and insect infestations by loosely stacking your firewood in vertical rows.

Stack your firewood above the ground:

Several problems can arise if you stack your wood directly on the ground. Your firewood is likely to decay faster if it is laying around on the ground, because once again, there is no proper airflow preventing your wood from drying properly.

We encourage you to use a wood rack – that is at least a few centimetres of the ground. There should be enough space between your wood and the ground to prevent mould and insect infestations. If raising your firewood off the ground is not an option, you can always consider placing gravel underneath your firewood to keep it dryer.

Do not store firewood indoors:

Our best advice is to only bring a little bit of firewood inside before burning it. If you keep piles of wood inside of your house for too long, it is likely to attract spiders and mice, none of which you want camping out inside of your home. Wet wood will also not dry properly indoors.

Once your firewood has adequately dried, you are more than welcome to store it in a shed. Still, we advise that you keep it outside – to reduce the risk of pests roaming inside of your home and to prevent sparks from your fireplace igniting the highly flammable woodpile next to it.

We hope that you will keep these tips in mind before you start stacking your next pile of firewood.