Fire glass is a more contemporary take on modern decorative media to use for your fire pit. The following buyers’ guide to fire glass crystals is created to help you make an informed decision when investing in your fire pit.

In the following blog, we outline how fire glass works and have a look at different types of fire glass to help you choose an option that is the best suited for your fire pit.

But before we do that, let’s have a quick look at what fire glass crystals are:

A Fire glass pebble is a tempered glass that adds colour and reflection to fire pits and fireplaces. It consists of small, stone-like pieces that are rolled and polished so that they aren’t sharp or dangerous. Fire glass is quickly replacing old ceramic logs to give homeowners that extra decorative flair. The fire and ice combination was introduced in 2010 and became a fast-growing trend. Since then, it became more common to see fire glass pebbles used in fire pits. Firepit owners are quite fond of these crystals because of their low maintenance attributes. Fire glass hardly ever need replacement and can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Let’s check how fire glass works:

Fire glass crystals are put through a special treatment where the small crystals come into direct contact with hot flames without melting. Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that is usually used for windows, computer screens, and shower enclosures. Fire glass is a repurposed product because it’s made from recycled glass – adding to the authenticity and originality of the product.

Since it is tempered, fire glass pebbles don’t melt, soot, or explode – it’s safe to use and does not emit any harmful gasses into the air.

Different types of fire glass:

Reflective fire glass:

Reflective fire glass is the perfect fit for someone who wants an even more dynamic fire display. It amplifies the intensity of the flames by reflecting the flickering flames. When the reflective fire glass catches the sun, it also reflects during the day. Reflective fire glass is the perfect option if you want crystals in your fire pit with a mirror-like finish.

Non-reflective fire glass:

If you want more natural-looking fire glass, then non-reflective fire glass is the best choice for you.  Non-reflective fire glass retains more of its true colour.

A mix of fire glass:

A combination of reflective and non-reflective fire glass both shows off the colour of the glass and lets the firelight reflects beautiful rays. This is the best fit for someone who is looking for the best of both worlds and values light effects and natural colour tones.

Fire glass can turn any setting into a beautiful space and is perfect for someone who is looking for just the right amount of decorative flair.