Are you craving classic family fun? Then we suggest it’s time to put the video games away and pitch a tent in the backyard for some quality family time. Many might be ready to brave the great outdoors (a public campsite), but a lot of people might still be wary of the prospect of camping away from home due to the unfortunate event of Covid 19.

If you want to expose your kiddies to the great outdoors without leaving your home, try pitching a tent in your backyard. A backyard campout has all the joys of camping, without stretching anyone’s comfort zones. The best thing about camping in your own backyard is that you get to have an outdoor adventure without planning ahead or even packing the car.

There is no better way to bond with your family than telling stories around the campfire while roasting a marshmallow or five. It is also the perfect way to ease reluctant first-time campers into the camping experience, and might even make them eager to try roughing it out elsewhere next time.

Here is how you can have the perfect backyard camping experience:

  • Pitch your tent:

Ask the kids for their help with pitching the tent; this teaches them the value of working together. Make sure the tent is kitted out with favorite personal items and comfortable bedding. Try keeping some board games and a deck of cards close by as well

  • Cook outside:

Light a fire in your fire pit and keep the meal prep to a minimum. Braai some sausages for some real South African style boerewors rolls; This hassle-free meal will satisfy all the hungry campers’ tummies. After the dinner has been cleared out, the real fun begins. A campout isn’t the same without the sticky sweetness of roasted marshmallows! Make a s’ more bar with Marie biscuits, marshmallows and chocolate; Be sure to have some wet wipes close by for the sticky fingers afterwards.

  • Sing songs around the campfire:

Sitting next to the campfire makes for the perfect opportunity you dust off the old guitar and break out in song. You can even encourage the young ones to make up their own catchy tunes.

Tell campfire stories:

The perfect way to end of your campout evening is by telling some classic campfire stories. Older kids might enjoy scary stories; for extra effect you can shine a flashlight under your chin. You can also create your own fable where everyone around the circle gets a turn to add to the story.


Instead of just laying on your back and looking at the stars, encourage each other to identify constellations.

Rather than leaving the comforts of your own home, enjoy the uniqueness that your backyard has to offer. Explore the possibilities of your yard while involving the kids and creating lasting memories. Who said you need to go out to have fun?