These magnificent hand-woven beanbags are made from labours of love. The fibre of the colourful fabric originates from t-shirt off cuts: perfectly good material that would otherwise go to landfill. And because every inch is made from up-cycled fabric that’s woven into existence by hand, each item is unique.

Consistently inconsistent: a vibrant celebration of the African heart and craft.


Jumbo BoriBori

The Family Fiesta of Bean Bags!


  • Filled: 1400 mm (d) x ±700 mm (h) – R6,930
  • Flat Pack: 460mm (l) x 530mm (w) x 160mm (h) – R6,490

Big BoriBori

Sink into this ‘double snuggler’ together, or sprawl out on your own. The Big BoriBori is the ideal indulgent Bean Bag with great back support.


  • Filled: 1200mm (d) x ±700mm (h) – R5,830
  • Flat Pack: 460mm (l) x 530mm (w) x 160mm (h) – R5,390


This super comfy ‘single seater’, lets you sink in and feel the hugging support of the BoriBori around you.


  • Filled: 950mm (d) x ±700mm (h) – R4,730
  • Flat Pack: 360mm (l) x 380mm (w) x 160mm (h) – R4,290

Baby BoriBori

No space for a full-size ‘sit in’ Bean Bag? Why not go for the Mtoto? It makes a great footrest or coffee table seat.


• Filled: 600mm (d) x ±400mm (h) – R1,980
• Flat Pack: 380mm (l) x 410mm (w) x 65mm(h) – R1,760



More of a ‘sit on’ than a ‘sit in’, this soft but sturdy Bean Bag-style block makes a funky, comfy seat.


  • Filled: 600mm (l) x 600mm (w) x 600mm (h) – R2,695
  • Flat Pack: 380mm (l) x 410mm (w) x 65mm (h) – R2,420

Mini Ejoro

The Square version of the Mtoto, great for a footrest of coffee table seat.


  • Filled: 600mm (l) x 600mm (w) x 400mm (h) – R2,090
  • Flat Pack: 380mm (l) x 410mm (w) x 65mm (h) – R1,870

Bean Bag Protective Cover

Give your Bean Bag the best care. This lightweight, water-repellent cover guards against sun, dust and rain. Essential for bags that live in covered outdoor spaces.

Ejoro, Mini Ejoro & Baby BoriBori

380 mm(l) x 410 mm (w) x 65mm (h)



360 mm (l) x 380 mm (w) x 160 mm (h)


Jumbo & Big BoriBori

460 mm (l) x 530 mm (w) x 160 mm (h)


Bean Bag Travel Pack

All bean bags can be purchased unfilled and flattened into a Travel Pack Bag.  For environmental reasons, we strongly suggest using recycled poly balls when filling your bean bag.


Flat Pack


Flat Pack Travel Bag

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