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22 07, 2020

How to spice up braai meat


Anything that includes a chop on the flames and a dop in your hand is satisfying, but a perfectly seasoned steak is even better. A successful braai depends on the seasoning, whether you are throwing some sosaties on the coals or braaing boerewors. In the following blog we are going to share spicy tips on how to enrich your braaivleis this weekend.  Before the braai: Marinating meat, especially cheaper meat cuts, doesn’t only add flavour, it also tenderises [...]

How to spice up braai meat2020-07-22T08:14:10+02:00
24 06, 2020

The evolution of a South-African braai


South Africans are well acquainted with braaing and likely cut their teeth on tender braaied steak. We love everything associated with braaing; from boerewors to beer. Even though we all have that one uncle who claims to have invented the braai tradition; it goes further back than we think. The first beings to catch and control fire where the original South African settlers that inhabited Gauteng's Cradle of Humankind. They started cooking up a storm 1000's of years ago. [...]

The evolution of a South-African braai2020-06-24T08:40:52+02:00
10 06, 2020

Top 10 braai recipes


Everybody wants to have the honour of being a “top braai master” at the party. With these tantalizing braai recipes, you will get the praise you deserve every single time. 1. Boerewors braai pie: This is the perfect treat for all your carnivore friends. Meat lovers won’t be able to resist the meaty deliciousness of this out of the ordinary recipe. https://www.rhodesquality.com/recipes/braai-pie/ 2. Grilled corn salad This salad adds the ultimate summer crunch to your [...]

Top 10 braai recipes2020-06-10T08:53:02+02:00
27 05, 2020

Why a cosy fire pit boosts your property’s value


Glamping in your backyard has never been more accessible! A Fire pits adds a stylish twist to your property and is visually appealing (especially to the trendy millennials that are more concerned about aesthetics than functionality); Give them an Instagramable living space, and they’re sold! Most homeowners don’t often put much thought into their backyard, leaving their homes looking bland and without any proper décor. However, a fire pit enhances your garden significantly and adds a certain modern-rustic feel to your outdoor space that can’t be easily [...]

Why a cosy fire pit boosts your property’s value2020-05-27T08:40:18+02:00
13 05, 2020

The benefits of installing an outdoor fire pit this summer


Sitting next to the fire pit is about much more than just keeping yourself warm. There are numerous practical, emotional and health benefits to fire pits too. Today we bring you the advantages of having one of these nifty, innovative designs in your backyard. If this doesn’t give you a burning desire to purchase a fire pit of your own, we don’t know what will. 1. Added ambiance  The ambient glow of a fire pit is the ultimate focal point; Whether you are hosting an outdoor party [...]

The benefits of installing an outdoor fire pit this summer2020-05-13T08:27:29+02:00
29 04, 2020

How to keep kids safe around the fire


Enjoying some well-deserved leisure time next to the sizzling flames of an open fire has been a South African tradition for decades, and it isn’t likely to die down any time soon. Lighting the fire is expected to lighten anyone’s mood. As South Africans, we tend to think about the prospect of having fun around the fire, but sometimes we forget that open fires, however well-tended to, can quickly turn into something severely dangerous. Burns are more likely to occur near fire pits than you might be aware of. In South Africa, 18% of [...]

How to keep kids safe around the fire2020-05-13T07:57:21+02:00
15 04, 2020

Basic tips to have a healthier braai this summer


Braaivleis isn’t exactly the most heart-healthy meal to consume, and it isn’t low in fat either. Moreover, the side dishes acquainted with braais doesn’t do your waistline any justice either. We know that the smell of a braai conjures up mouth-watering images of some very wonderful bad food choices like fattening boerewors rolls and six-packs of beer, but there are tons of tasty swaps that you can implement to keep your braai tasty and your waistline healthy. Consider implementing these tips at your next braai: [...]

Basic tips to have a healthier braai this summer2020-04-15T09:28:28+02:00
1 04, 2020

Light up date night


Whether you are caught up in the corporate rat race, juggling between working shifts while trying to get your degree or a full time stay at home parent; It's safe to say that date nights are few and far apart. Therefore, we are dedicating this blog to help you and your loved one make the most of the time you spend together at home. Our customizable fire pits are not only functional when you're hosting a party in your backyard, but it's also the perfect add on to light up your [...]

Light up date night2020-04-15T08:09:22+02:00
18 03, 2020

The best braai memes only South Africans will find funny


South Africans tend to disagree on nearly everything. We bicker about the better rugby team – Bokke or All Blacks? Everyone has a different political opinion, and we can’t even agree on the best dop to enjoy on a Saturday afternoon. South Africans have simply made up their minds about certain things, and that is not likely to change overnight. We are a stubborn nation, and we seem to like it that way. However, there is one… maybe two exceptions to this unspoken rule; We are all irritated with Eskom and weekends isn’t the [...]

The best braai memes only South Africans will find funny2020-03-18T09:34:22+02:00
4 03, 2020

Cater for all your guests with these 5 simple vegetarian braai recipes


There is nothing better than a sizzling summertime braai underneath the South African sky. It’s all about the “chop and dop”, or is it? With food trends like vegetarianism taking South Africa by storm, the term “chop and dop” might raise some vegetarian eyebrows. It’s unfair to exclude our friends and family members from a braai just because they eat more selectively than we do. Navigating a braai to include vegetarian meals might not be as tricky as you think. We understand that meat is considered the holy grail of braaing, but we would [...]

Cater for all your guests with these 5 simple vegetarian braai recipes2020-03-04T14:14:39+02:00

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